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Population Trends

1.2.1 Characteristics of migrants – 2011 Census

The 2011 Census is a little out of date now, but it gives the most detailed information about specific characteristics of the migrant population, such as age at arrival, ethnicity and qualifications, even if estimates from the Annual Population Survey (APS) are more current. The 2011 Census can be useful for understanding the characteristics of different migrant groups, for example to inform integration strategies or plan service provision. The data are less useful when examining groups that have arrived more recently, such as Romanian and Bulgarians, most of whom were not yet in the UK in 2011. The 2011 Census is a useful source of information when looking at longer-term residents, including migrants.

Census data are accessed separately for different parts of the UK, and the information available also varies slightly:

Download the source data in this chart for England and Wales from NOMIS

Download the source data in this chart for Scotland from NRS 

Figure 3: Non-UK born population by year of arrival and local authority in Great Britain (2011)

Data Notes ?

Year of arrival data in the Northern Ireland Census have large shares of data missing and so are not included here.


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